• 24 x 24"
Category: Originals
Media: Oils
Framed: None
Availability: Sold

"Vietnam Kitchen"
"Reservation for Four"
"Six Pack"
"Meier Lemons"
"Persimons and Marigolds"
"Table for Four"
"Sunflowers and Peaches"
"Primary Arrangement"
"Peaches and Tea"
"Pansies with Blue Porcelain"
"Pansies Integration"
"Oriental Vase with Peonies"
"Onions and Vinegar"
"Mid Summer Arrangement"
"Meier Lemons"
"Lemon on Black"
"Fish on Dish"
"Dark Arrangement"
"Arrangement with Sunflowers and Lemons"
"Arrangement with Pansies"
"Approaching Halloween"
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